Nissa Salas is the visionary and C.E.O. behind Nissa
Salas Fitness International. Nissa's life changed after
capturing the attention of international fitness celebrity
Jennifer Nicole Lee. Nissa lost 60 pounds and shrunk 13
dress sizes and landed on television and in fitness
magazines after training in the JNL Fusion method.
  • Nissa Salas Fitness products are great for
    people who need to lose 10-100 pounds of
    body fat
  • Nissa naturally lost 60 pounds and 13 dress
    sizes using the methodologies of these
  • Each client receives customized service with
    Nissa that includes the outlining of personal
    fitness goals and a comprehensive plan to
    gain results.
  • Her email is

Who is Nissa and Why Should I invest in her products?
Nissa Salas and her staff are excited to share the knowledge regarding weight loss, a very common
challenge for millions around the world.   Nissa went from Sick to Sexy after finally learning how to lose
weight the natural and safe way.  She went from having a dangerous operation and almost dying to
gaining sixty pounds of excess weight.  After becoming a personal trainer and nutrition specialist, Nissa
not only lost the nonessential she but gained sexy lean muscle.  She has kept her results for more than 3
years.  Nissa transforms lives all over the world through her dynamic products and services.  Women as
far away as Europe seek Nissa out for her online training because of her reputation.  Her best quality is
treating others with dignity and respect.  Her packages designed to meet the needs of every person,
regardless of age, background or condition..

What can you expect from Nissa Salas Fitness International now and in the future in terms of products
and services?  Nissa Salas is trained three times in the JNL Fusion method, a revolutionary fitness
routine by Jennifer Nicole Lee.  She is also National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT certified and CPR
certified.  Nissa customizes packages and products to fit the particular needs of every client.  She serves
clients in person and on Skype with fitness and nutrition.  Nissa has everything from customized fitness
and nutrition plans to personal training packages.  If you have any weaknesses or injuries, Nissa will
assess those and create a safe way for you to lose weight and meet your goals.  Nissa also has
motivational products for sale, such as paintings, posters and signed 8 by 10's.  Nissa Salas Fitness
International is working to provide ebooks and audio books for motivational success.
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